Jerry Dodge
   Administrative Support

Originally from a small town in Michigan named Portage, Jerry Dodge was always fascinated with technology, one of those kids who were frequently discovered taking things apart, just to see how it works. The difference was, Jerry also figured out how to put them back together. At 12 years old, he taught himself Q Basic and HTML programming, then went on to school to pick up keyboard skills and learn more about IT and programming.

A modern day Renaissance man, Jerry has been involved in the arts and has worked in construction, landscaping, and mechanics. But throughout those different occupations he also continued to develop skill and experience in software, web, and database programming. While working at Classic Oriental Rugs in Michigan, he gained knowledge and appreciation of the rugs and the rug industry and was exposed to early versions of RMPro.

In 2007, he moved to Louisville, KY and by 2008, he began working at Khazai Oriental Rug Gallery and subsequently discovered that the software he'd become familiar with in Michigan had been developed by David Khazai. At that point, Jerry's career shifted into software development, and he was able to put his blend of experience in the retail rug business and technology development to work for Innovations International.